Thursday, 04 February 2016 12:26

Light of Jesus Coffee Table Book Featured

    LAY PREACHER Bro. Bo Sanchez led the launching of the first ever coffee table book published by the Shepherd’s Voice Publications Inc. at the Diamond Hotel, Manila, last January 16, 2016.

    The book celebrates three founding anniversaries of Bo’s ministries: the 35th year of his faith community, the Light of Jesus Family: the 25th year of Kerygma, his inspirational magazine; and the 20th year of Anawim, the Home for Abandoned Elderly.

    Supporters and donors as well as lay preachers, officers and staff of the ministries attended the book launch.


    The first part of the book, titled Mission, presents the beginning of the Light of Jesus Family, which was in response to the mandate of Jesus to go into the world and preach His Gospel to all creation. (Mark 16:15). The LOJ mission thus is to make disciples for Jesus who will help spread His teachings.

    Largely based on the diary of Bo’s mother, Pilar Sanchez, Mission recalls the start of Bo’s mission when a lay leader in the Upper Room, the prayer group the family attended in the early ‘80s, prophesied that Bo, then only 12 years old, would be preaching the Gospel throughout the world. The Sanchez family then started a prayer meeting at the garage of their house.

    Today, Bo preaches at The Feast Bay Area, the Light of Jesus Sunday prayer gathering at the Philip-pine International Convention Center. There are now close to 200 Feasts in the Philippines and abroad.


    The second part of the coffee book table, titled Media, presents the story of how Bo has well used the media— print, broadcast, and online— to spread the Gospel and its practical application to enable people to live a fulfilling life and receive God’s abundant blessings. Starting with Kerygma, the Shepherd’s Voice Publications which Bo founded has published other magazines and inspirational books of Bo and other authors.

    Bo has also founded the Shepherd’s Voice Radio and Television Foundation which manages television shows such as the Kerygma TV as well as the online reality show, Preacher in Blue Jeans featuring Bo’s daily missions. SVRTV also manages KFAM Insider, a monthly newsletter posted online for members of the Kerygma Family, a virtual prayer group also organized by Bo, now counting over 60,000 members worldwide.


    The third part of the book, titled Mercy, focuses on Anawim, the Home for Abandoned Elderly, which Bo also founded with the support of the Light of Jesus Family.

    Through contributions of members of LOJ, at-tendees of The Feast, and other donors, Anawim, which started with nipa huts, now has concrete cot-tages and a vegetable farm in Montalban, Rizal, for the elderly who enjoy not only free board and lodging, but also medical care and spiritual guidance.

    The Light of Jesus Coffee Table Book is now available at Shepherd’s Voice Publications Inc. locat-ed at 60 Chicago St., Cubao, Quezon City. For de-tails, call 725-9999.